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SCOPUS has built up an international and national network so that we can guarantee professional support at all times. We work with experienced companies from various industries and coordinate our entire network for you so that you get everything from a single source.

SCOPUS is a member of the German-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is actively involved in various areas.

SCOPUS in Asia: We also have partnerships in Asia, so we want to serve the Latin America-Europe-Asia triangle. Our partners are also members of an international chamber of industry and commerce



Roger Schmidt


Swiss CPA

Roger Schmidt has many years of experience with an international accounting firm and was head of group accounting in two international groups. He was also vice president of an autonomous Swiss pension fund and a member of the investment committee. To date, he is an examiner at the federal CPA exams and founder and managing director of AUTARCHY S.A.S in Medellín, Colombia.


Serge Butz


MLaw, expert in international business law, Switzerland and Colombia

Serge Butz has several years of experience in the legal department of various international pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as a major Swiss bank. After completing a postgraduate degree in international business law in Bogota, Colombia, he worked as a lawyer in the official law firm of the German-Colombian Chamber of Commerce, after which he took over the leadership for Latin America in a German medical technology company. Serge Butz is also a member of the Council of the Organization of the Swiss Abroad (ASO) and represents the interests of the Swiss in Colombia.

Michael von Gunten

Sales Manager Europe

Eidg. dipl. Betriebsöknom FH
Swiss certified business economist (Specialist in Accounting / controlling, marketing)

In the first few years after his studies, Michael von Gunten worked as an auditor for a well-known international auditing company. He then worked as a controller / chief accountant in Swiss companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, civil engineering, raw materials and waste disposal sectors. For almost four years now, he has been acting as a mandate manager in the auditing and fiduciary department at an SME financial service provider. Michael von Gunten also volunteers as a board member and chief financial officer at the Kiwanis Foundation Switzerland-Liechtenstein.

Due to his many years of experience in a wide variety of industries and functions, he has extensive experience and a broad network.

Mission Statement

When added value is created through understanding, professionalism and fairness.

SCOPUS stands for individual solutions in the interests of the customer. We help our customers create value. Understanding our clients, means to take their position. A solution only becomes successful once it is implemented. The focus is on the success of our customers. Trust and fairness form the basis of a strong partnership. A partnership means meeting each other on an equal footing. Professionalism and openness shape our behavior.

  1. We invest in teams and relationships.
  2. We share our knowledge and work together.
  3. We take the perspective of our customers.
  4. We focus on added value for the customer.
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